Juan Gabriel’s former manager Joaquín Muñoz set the Latinternet on fire las week, after alleging to Televisa that El Divo de Juárez faked his own death, and was staging a public comeback slated for December 15th. (Because waiting to come back from the dead on the 24th would be challenging to another more famous resurrection story…).

Though many of us clung to the hope of a near-Christmas miracle, Juan Gabriel’s son, Iván Aguilera, has stepped in to put an end to speculations once and for all. According to TMZ, Aguilera has produced Juanga’s death certificate as definitive proof that the iconic singer is, in fact, deceased.

Aguilera claims Muñoz has simply been peddling these Juanga lies (which he began circulating back in March during a tour for for his book Juan Gabriel y yo después de la muerte) as a publicity stunt to promote a forthcoming book.  Understandably, the singer’s family is not amused.

Backing the authenticity of the death certificate is Juanga’s attorney and estate representative Guillermo Pous. TMZ has also backed the claim, as they obtained the death certificate back in 2016 when news of the Juanga’s death was first reported.

So, if you were anticipating the greatest musical return in history, sorry to disappoint you – or if you were dreading having to mourn Juanga all over again, then you can rest easier. But who knows, really? Perhaps this is a deeper cover up for him to make his reappearance all the more mind-blowing.