Nortec Collective songs used in new Xbox Kinect, WIN an Xbox Kinect!

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We had Juanes on Rock Band 3, but at least this one is more up our alley. Tijuaneros Nortec Collective have been featured (twice) in Xbox 360 Kinect. You know, that new gaming console without all the pesky controllers and cables, where you put your miming skills to the test. You move, it moves. You simulate driving, it drives. This world is going to implode into itself, I’m telling you.

You can hear “Tengo la voz” from Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 3, and “Norteña del sur” from Tijuana Sound Machines on Kinect Adventures.

Enter here for a chance to win your very own Nortec-soundtracked Xbox Kinect! Fill out your info and Remezcla will hook you up with a brand new Xbox Kinect. We’ll contact you soon if you’re the lucky winner.

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Visit Xbox Kinect for more info on other games and artists being used. Check out both Nortec Collective songs below.