Not Your Typical Concert Review: Draco Rosa @ Copacabana, NYC

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All us music lovers have a concert bucket list (Gustavo CeratiPorter, Prince, Blas Durán, Kiko El Presidente, Draco Rosa, Quiero Club, Juan Luis Guerra, Astro), and every year we hope that one of those acts we’d kill to see live comes to our city. Over two years ago, my dream of seeing Draco Rosa on stage was dashed when his tour was cancelled due to cancer complications, which, thankfully, he was able to recover from months later. This Monday night, I heard that Mr. Blake was scheduled to perform at a private show and the only way to get tickets was by listening to Amor 93.1. Well my friends, ain’t nobody got time for that. So I pulled some strings (thank you John, Rocio, and Ingrid!) and managed to get tickets while avoiding having to put myself through “24 horas de baladas, pop y reggeaton.” Now! Enough with the filibustering. Enjoy the pictures below.

A free concert without Danny is like Christmas in P.R. or D.R. without lechón.

Olaya does her best impression of Gene Simmons. Meanwhile, Yira puts on her best duckface worthy of

AJ EL Callejero gets his picture taken on stage, which I assume he later Instagrammed with the caption: “Look #MOM, we started from the bottom now we here.”

At this moment I was no longer starstruck and I was able to continue my journalist work.

If you love watching a concert from a tablet screen, GO HOME. You’re most likely spoiling the experience of the person right behind you.

If you really want us to leave the venue, just say so. Don’t play bachata right after a magistral performance by Draco Rosa!