Not Your Typical Concert Review: Maná @ Madison Square Garden, NYC

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Passes to concerts are one of the many perks from this job. Of course, some shows are great and others are, eh, pretty bad. A pretty cool music industry friend (who I have to soon take out for lunch) asked me to come out to a Maná concert this past Wednesday (Apr 11) at the Madison Square Garden. And perhaps (not to offend anyone’s music interests or tastes) is the type of move that can ruin someone’s reputation; da’heck, I was very tempted to go see Maná, but for research purposes. In the sake of musical research, I kept a tally of the most common key words Maná sings of repetitively in all their tracks. Now, I’m not saying that all these songs sound completely alike or say the same thing, but you be the judge.

  • Amor – 93x
  • Corazón – 36x
  • Perdón – 32x
  • Cielo – 27x
  • Luz – 21x
  • Mariposa – 20x
  • Esperanza – 11x
  • Lluvia – 8x
  • Mar – 10x

I wish I had more accurate statistics, but I left in the middle of the concert. So here’s the deal, if you wanna go to a show and predict (excuse my terminology) all these over-the-top, sentimental and corny key terms, then Maná is your band!

P.S. I’m not a writer 😛

I was here for research purpose only!

Papito… Me compras la franelita de Mana… Ándale no seas codo.

Quiero que cante “La Camisa Negra” dice la chica.
Guey, estamos en el concierto de Maná.

Oye mi aaaaaaaaaaaamor.

Final Tally