Novalima's Haunting Metal Past

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Who doesn’t have some dark secrets in their past? I do and I bet most of you do too. Well, the dark secret in Novalima‘s past might be darker than you expected.

Before the four founding members of the group left Lima and started experimenting electronically with Afro-Peruvian roots music during their exile — becoming the internationally successful project, Novalima — legend says they were deep into trash metal. In fact, they had a previous band called Curriculum Mortis, and in 1988 they released a cassette-only demo titled Sentencia de Muerte.

Now, for pretty much anybody out there, this piece of information would be just a foot-note for Novalima’s bio. However, a US-based record label that specializes in super obscure hardcore stuff, for some reason thought it would be worth re-releasing this hard to find piece of South American metal history, and not only that, they re-mastered it and pressed it on high quality vinyl.

Yes, a rare cassette by an underground Peruvian metal band that could had only been found as a bootlegged tape at Lima’s flea markets is now available world-wide on limited-edition vinyl LP.

I’m not a metal fan but I really hope this becomes a trend. I wanna know who’s next? What other noteworthy Latin Alt artists with a dark past should have their early demos reissued on wax?

To purchase Curriculum Mortis – Sentencia De Muerte LP on vinyl, click below: