Meet Nuve: Peruvian Experimental Artist to Watch

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Née: José Castillo
Raíces: Los Angeles, CA by way of Lima, Peru
Sounds like: Flying Lotus and Radiohead with brilliant layers of simplicity that are laced with sensible and impressive experimental ornamentation.
You should listen to Nuve because… anyone who is interested in and understands experimental rock would want to keep an eye on this band.

You may know the name José Castillo from this other and more obscure experimental project, The Face. José has created another collection of soundscapes with his two track release (October 2012, Sweet Tiger Records), Umbra et Penumbra.

The music is a little different in regards to the layering and musical concept. It’s a bit darker and the influences of Flying Lotus and early Radiohead and Bjork are quite prevalent. Not only does he draw from English speaking experimentalists, but he is a part of the growing experimental/psych scene based in Lima, Peru. Bands like Serpentina Satélite and Dengue Dengue Dengue are a couple of the most prevalent Peruvian experimental bands. There is a potent scene bubbling beneath the surface, and Nuve fits in with the crowd with shining talent.

Below download for FREE his most recent two-track EP, Umbra et Penumbra: