NWLA and Tony Delfino present Festival Antes Showcase, Plus Exclusive Mix from E.lebleu

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This Thursday, July 31st, NWLA and Tony Delfino are teaming up to present their own Festival Antes showcase, featuring up-and-coming Mexico City talent Ratbot, El Roy MT, .Stendal, Futuremen, Drug War Veterans, E.lebleu, and Whispers at the beloved dive bar / delinquent home, Bahía Bar.

Wrapping up on August 3rd, the independent, not-for-profit Festival Antes, organized by a collective of producers, artists, and enthusiasts, is dedicated to mapping the country’s avant-garde sounds with additional showcases from collectives NAAFI, Ensamble, Static Discos, NRMAL, Sicario Music, and more.

The event is 18+, and early arrivers will be greeted by free t-shirts and merch.

Check out the exclusive club mix prepared by NWLA bossman Elebleu here, and a tracklist from the guests of honor.