Odisseo Is Headlining 2019’s Festival de Música de la Mixteca

Lead Photo: Photo by David Barajas. Courtesy of the artist
Photo by David Barajas. Courtesy of the artist
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The fourth edition of Festival de Música de la Mixteca is once again headed to Oaxaca, Mexico come November. As the name implies, the purpose of the festival is to bring together musicians from various backgrounds and native tongues (including those who sing in Spanish, but perhaps more importantly, those who perform in indigenous languages and seldom get included in festivals as such).

The reason for that oversight? Josué Sánchez of Skapotecos reportedly attributes it to racism.

“The idea in the beginning,” Sánchez tells Imparcial of the group’s decision to sing in Zapotec, “was to rescue our tongue because in our community there’s great influence, in culture and also through globalization, that [urges] us to speak more Spanish.”

Though it will be that familial group’s first time participating in the festival, other acts will feel familiar to previous attendees with a few recircs like Monte Casino and Chilakiles on the roster. Other artists include Rey Cretino and Indigo Club.

Similarly to years prior, the headlining act this year will be en español. Last year, alt-rock Zoé expat Siddharta occupied the headline slot. This year Odisseo gets the honor. The dreamy band of five will likely belt the classic “Mentira, mentira, mentira-a-a! Ella siempre mentía, mentía, mentía…” track with a group of tipsy folx in Santa Lucía del Camino. What’s not to love?

After that’s out of the way, or leading up to it rather (you know, since this will likely be the evening’s closer), crowds will gather for the likes of exciting newcomers Laura Rotes and Costa Felina.

Though music takes center stage at this annual festival, the idea is a holistic celebration of culture – meaning there will be food, artesanias, and of course mezcal.

The festival takes place on November 24th.