Free Download: Oh Margot's "Autocinema"

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We swear, we’re not Chile biased. But this little diddy was dropped in our Remezcla mailbox and we couldn’t help it. Oh Margot, a play on Oh My God in Spanish (Margot is also the fictional leading lady in the band’s songs), formed in 2008 from the gusto of four twentysomethings from Santiago, ranging from flute prodigies to architects to visual artists (check out drummer Fab Ciraolo’s blog). The members fused their diverse taste buds (some dig indie, some dig retro, others dig Babasónicos) to create Oh Margot, an obvious inclination when you hear “Autocinema,” a very Argentinian-skewing track from their upcoming five-song debut EP (April, 2011). The rock en español thang (a lethal sound if employed incorrectly) is done right on this song, so here’s hoping these kids keep getting it right.

Check out Oh Margot’s “Autocinema” below for FREE to hear what we’re talking about.