¡Oi! Latino Punk Fest in NY This Weekend: 8 Bands to Watch

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Photo: Sin Orden.

Twitter: @Kiddieriot

An international gathering of bands are coming together for one righteous event featuring political consciousness, Latino pride, and loud as fuck guitars.

The fest, happening August 8-10 at various venues, has a DIY spirit, free of sponsors, profit, promoters, or investors. Everyone involved is doing it for the love of playing fast music, and the mission speaks against racism, homophobia, and sexism.

We present here some of the most noteworthy bands on the bill. Having said that, if you’re into three chords played at considerable speed, then you should definitely check as many bands on the fest as possible; you never know when you will stumble into an amazing show you might otherwise miss. Check out the complete lineup here and get ready to thrash hard.


This Mexican power trio is already blowing up to legendary status. The band has released two full-length records and various other tracks in different formats featuring their take on classic hardcore with plenty of scream-along moments. The band goes berzerk live and should not be missed by any chance.

La Misma

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The all-female band from New York is yet another entry into the “they are amazing live” category. With a sound that’s euphoric without sacrificing loudness, speed, or noise, they also manage to be righteous and fun. All the lyrics are sung in Portuguese and the charismatic foursome makes the most of their sound.

Generación Suicida

Hailing from South Central, L.A, these miscreants play badly-sung but melodic trad punk in the style of The Clash and Generation X, with an edge all their own. Be sure to check out their leather and denim-clad figures onstage. They are also behind the Cola De Rata blog where they talk about their peers and future happenings with the band, as well as other topics like their home and its Latino and punk heritage.

Pura Mania

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This band’s influences are Spanish classic punk: ugly-as-hell shouted vocals, spiked guitars, and pogo-rhythms. This Vancouver-based band has a great demo under their name (which has since been reissued), marked by a very distinctive Hispanic sound instead of the usual British and US influences most punks emulate.


True legends of Latino punk and the pride of Puerto Rican hardcore. The band started in the nineties and they made a mark in the music world thanks to their heavy thrash guitars, fast rhythms, and singer Taina’s melodic voice. They have been living in NY for the past few years and remain a force to be reckoned with. Expect them to be a highlight of the fest.

Sin Orden

From Chicago, Sin Orden holds no mercy for the audience. They assault the listener with some of the fastest, most unpredictable punk music in the face of the Earth. Since their inception in 1998, they have played all over the States and even Mexico . We bet the floor is going to get really interesting when these guys start their set.


Influenced in equal parts by UK82 bands, d-beat legends Discharge, and Spanish punk legends Eskorbuto, Porkeria play music that’s equal parts catchy and putrid. The McAllen, Texas group is one inspirational outfit.

Juventud Podrida

From Panama, this socially-conscious outfit plays a distinctive brand of heavy, rabid crust punk. The singer is one pissed off dude and he uses his anger to fuel a sound that is both primitive and scorching. It should be a delight watching a band so far from their home country giving some well-deserved lessons in rage.