Download Okupa El Dance Floor's electrópical "Que lo Que"

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Phoebe Morris plus Héctor Arce-Espasas of D’marquesina add up to a killer electrótical collabo by the appropriately named Okupa El Dance Floor, cause that’s exactly what they’ll make ya do — occupy that dance floor. About time someone thought of that name! Cause we’ve seen all these Occupy [insert your cities or boroughs here] movements the last couple of months as if it’s some sort of a new fad, and if the rejection of — whatever it is you’re rejecting — was a trend. The New York-based duo Okupa El Dance Floor drops “Que lo Que,” an ode to the Dominican merengue legendary Omega “El Fuerte” Y Su Mambo Violento, while incorporating bilingual lyrics and merengue-centric violentão aesthetics that’ll make your ass drop on that dance floor. Own “Que lo Que” now while it’s FREE.

Okupa El Dance Floor – Que lo Que by D’marquesina