Video: OLGA – "Avalancha de Sonrisas"

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Have you ever gotten wrapped up in your sheets while having a nightmare? The latest video for Buenos Aires electro pop outfit, OLGA promoting their second album Gracias Tonales, will definitely have you tossing and turning in your comforter tonight. If the Lost Mapaches were to run head on into Coco Rosie’s latest video for the singe “We Are On Fire,” you might have the same Jaime Martinez, GIF inspired, glitchy, twitchy, eerie affect on this clip, “Avalancha de Sonrisas” directed by Bradley Smith. The arty dance trend captured in Sigur Rós’ recent video, “Fjögur píanó,” or the more visceral and similarly, shoegazed indie pop video “Los Bikers (Segundas Destrezas)” by Dënver are all adequate comparisons to this accelerated take on modern dance montage — it intertwines well with pop culture editing room cuts. For the curious among you, Smith came to this video after drunkenly promising Roger Delahaye (of Olga) that he’d make him a music video at the wrap party of The International Sign for Choking, a stylistic film about loss and quiet passion set in Buenos Aires. Not long after Smith would complete that promise, with nothing more than a DSLR, some spit and a DIY mindset, they pieced together this chilling video with no budget, but a lot of gall.

[insert-video youtube=i-rGKOfZ720]