Omar Rodríguez-López releases "Octopus Kool Aid" feat. Teri Gender Bender

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Another day, another record by Omar Rodríguez-López. It’s been about 2 hours max since he released his most recent solo album so, naturally, another record was sorely overdue.

Octopus Kool Aid is a 10-track full-length that was recorded in February of 2011 and was locked away in storage until today. The album features vocals by Teri Gender Bender of Guadalajara’s Roit Grrrl band Le Butcherettes on most of the tracks. The album, like its predecessors, is mainly an electronic affair, though this one is even less of an experimental mindfuck.

And what the heck’s up with that album artwork? There’s a girl with the chair from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse for a head, not to mention a literal take on the album’s title. I wonder if Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods has tried this uncanny beverage…

You should know the drill by now: stream/purchase the record at his official bandcamp page.