Omar Rodríguez-López releases surprise album, “Saber, Querer, Osar y Callar”

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One month ago, guitarist/producer/director/ETC. Omar Rodríguez-López released a solo album on bandcamp with no fanfare other than a mention on facebook and twitter. There was also an ambiguous statement attached that hinted at future surprise releases from ORL. Saber, Querer, Osar y Callar is his next surprise release.

The 10-track album, like its predecessor, is available on band camp for $5.99 and was announced via social media the instant it became available. However, unlike its predecessor, Saber… doesn’t simply focus on electronic sounds but also relies on some live guitar, bass and drums plus a guest appearance by Deantoni Parks. It’s still hella trippy though!

This one comes during the middle of the prolific artist’s tour throughout the world with The Mars Volta and Le Butcherettes. How does the guy do it?!