Omar Rodríguez-López Releases New Album, “Un Corazón De Nadie”

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You probably missed this if you blinked. Composer/producer/guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López just released his latest solo album, the 10-track Un Corazón De Nadie. The album can be streamed on ORL’s bandcamp page for free and downloaded for $6.99. Said release is a dark and trippy affair that sounds like Tychorizonte’s evil döppelganger. There are layers upon layers of electronic synths and sounds while Omar keeps his whispered vocals in the background.

The album’s release was originally announced solely through ORL Productions’/Sargent House’s facebook and twitter feeds. “He was very quiet last year releasing no new solo albums…. this year will be different,” says the announcement. “Surprise here is Week 1.”

Naturally, this lead to tons of questions from fans. What does the label mean by “Week 1?” Who is the woman and infant on the album cover? Will this be released on vinyl/cd too? And so on. Those who know the answers to these questions haven’t given any answers yet.