Video Premiere: Ondatrópica, The Making Of (Pt. 2)

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Colombia’s über-band Ondatrópica made up of Mario Galeano (AKA Frente Cumbiero), Will Holland (AKA Quantic), along with ten other musicians — together known as Los Irreales de Ondatrópica — have been on an inspiring journey to spread the sounds of cumbia to the world. Sponsored by the British Council, Ondatrópica has been venturing on a seven month tour, which included recording a self-titled album at the legendary Discos Fuentes studios in Medellin (check out some exclusive pics HERE). This isn’t just any regular world tour — impressively, they recently played at the Olympic Games in representation of the sounds of Colombia!

In part of this process of creation and documentation, the band is releasing a 12 video series of this “Making Of,” and here at Remezcla, we have the exclusive for the second episode (check out Pt. 1 HERE). Watch the video as Mario Galeano walks you through the production process while at Discos Fuentes studios and the happs. Witness music history below:

[insert-video youtube=-PnJQgmwftU]

For more info about the tour and updates, visit, and download their self-titled debut album below: