Free Download: Orlando's "Tu Fortuna"

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When your two most prominent instruments are smooth vocals and a sexy guitar, it’s easy to steer into laughable would-be heartthrob territory, where shirts are optional and luscious locks mandatory. While Orlando does sport the obligatory tousled curls–and we do get a gratuitous bathtub scene in his video for “Donde Va” (below!) Orlando manages to stay on the right side of sexy without going tacky, an impressive feat.

The Tijuana crooner released his debut album Capullo, a collection of beautifully crafted pop songs, in May and has toured throughout Mexico, as well as in the U.S. and Spain (recently opening for fellow Mexicana Natalia Lafourcade). His heartfelt music is bold in its simplicity and intelligent in its production, as evident in “Tu Fortuna,” a song that is deeply personal to Orlando. It came after an identity crisis that left Orlando doubting whether he should continue making music and led him to contemplate his destiny. It resulted in a lyrically optimistic, musically futuristic song that speaks about taking control of your destiny, while still allowing it to take its course. It’s a good thing that Orlando realized that music is a key part of his fate because he’s making some of the best pop music out there, carefully executed bedhead and deep V-neck tee included.

Contemplate your life and its meaning while downloading Orlando’s “Tu Fortuna” for FREE.

And watch “Donde Va” for drool sake: