Free Download: Los Macuanos – "☠ / ⚑ / ✞ (Sangre, Bandera, Cruz)"

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Tijuana’s dancefloor trio Los Macuanos‘ political jam critique of Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón in “☠ // (Sangre, Bandera, Cruz)” resonates a psycho sexual occult sound. When the creepy spacy piano part comes in, Felipe Calderón dances around like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons with his hands and fingers gathering slowly together for an evil plan to fuck up Mexico while his eyes light up like “blood, flag and cross.” EEHCKcellent! Although it seems like build ups should be intensified leaving the sound unrefined, the point may have been to leave bones bare for the mantra of the chorus simply because music isn’t always about how it sounds, sometimes the message is all that counts and this one is serious. It could also just vibe like sexy bloodthirsty politics for a non-native Spanish speaker….without the politics, but the track finishing off with a Mexican triumphant anthem as a friendly reminder for doomsday politics could put put the politics right back into what is bloodthirsty.