Os Mutantes tribute album ft. Cafe Tacuba, Fito Paez, and more!

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Even if you never heard their music, you definitely know about Os Mutantes. They are, simply put, the most internationally recognized and influential Brazilian rock band of all time. Many top-notch American rockers, from Beck to Kurt Cobain to David Byrne had paid tribute to this ’60s psycho-tropicalia outfit commanded by Rita Lee.

But their legacy is not restricted to a handful of gringos with a taste for the exotic, many in Latin America and Spain recognize Os Mutantes as a huge influence too. A new compilation tribute album to be released on November 9th by Nacional Records includes reinvented Os Mutantes songs by the likes of Café Tacuba, Aterciopelados, Fito Páez, and plenty more.

El Justiciero Cha, Cha, Cha is the title give of this comp of mutated Mutantes songs and here at Remezcla we’re eager to listen to this, in particular the versions done by Uruguayan Martín Buscaglia and Brazilian Arnaldo Antunez (of Tribalistas). Even Sergio Días, founding leader of the band itself, shows up and gives the official seal of approval to this project by joining forces with Colombian duo Aterciopelados on one song!

Check out the tracklist below!

1. La Manzana Cromática Protoplasmática – Ave Lucifer
2. Aterciopelados + Sergio Días (of Os Mutantes) – Vida De Cachorro
3. Rosal – Hey Boy
4. Martín Buscaglia – Beso Exagerado
5. Café Tacuba – O Relogio
6. Raúl Refree – 2001
7. Liliana Herrero + Arnaldo Antunes – Beija-Me Amor
8. Omar Giammarco – El Justiciero
9. Fernando Cabrera – Mutantes E Seus Cometas No Pais Dos Baurets
10. Pablo Dacal – No Te Vas A Perder Por Ahí
11. Manuel Onis – Cualquier Bobada
12. La Chicana – Balada Del Loco
13. Fito Paez – Minha Menina
14. Silvia Perez – Disculpe, Babe
15. Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes – Panis Et Circenses
16. Ana Prada – Fuga N II
17. Carlos Casacuberta – Baby
18. Asdrúbal – E Seus Cometas No País Do Baurets