Free Download: Oscilador – "Cubita's Style"

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Remember that classic scene from the first installment in the Back to Future trilogy when Marty McFly wakes up and tortures his naive young father George pretending he’s an alien named Darth Vader while playing speed metal on his headphones? Now imagine this didn’t happen in the peaceful suburbs of Hill Valley, California but instead in Small Rancho, Mexico. It’d probably look something like an Oscilador show.

This guys produces some outer-space futuristic cumbia bass, and for his live performances he dresses with something that looks like a radiation-suit with an iPad as his face. We don’t know exactly how he manages to see all those midi controllers and his computer, or the faces of the groupies that must come up to him, for that matter. But we do know he’s definitely tuned into something that’s out of our timeline. Or he simply traveled back from the future in a time-traveling burro equipped with a flux-capacitor.

Either way, if you’re not scared of falling into one of those mind-boggling time paradoxes and end up making out with your horny teenage mother, I invite you to try Oscilador‘s futuristic approach at tropical latin music. He’s about to embark himself on a trip (albeit through space, rather than time) touring Europe, Asia and Australia with his show and he’s also putting together a compilation of the newest of the new school of the Mexican Latin bass scene through his own record label, so keep an eye on this guy.

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