Video: Otto Von Schirach – "Salpica"

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The Cuban/German descended, IDM/breakcore “Miami Bass Warrior” is back at it again. With another wacky video proving that Miami is in fact the most bizarre place on the planet, I’m sure you’ll agree this chameleon trickster is an absolute genius. The onslaught of quirky and queer acts popping up all over the screen, Otto Von Schirach‘s quacked-out take on gritty, tropical, trans-planted play is probably one of the most non-normative and hyper-motivating music videos.

Salpica” pricks with a realness that spits in the face of all forms of convention. The closest act I can compare this oddball to is Silverio, of course, who he’s recently played with in Mexico City. The Florida fancied jack of all trades has some films out there you need to peep pronto. The newest, Otto and the Electric Eel entered in April’s Borscht Film Festival which showcases local video art talent of the self-proclaimed Miami new wave scene. And, if you’re interested in other film rolls by Otto, be sure to check out Death Print, like one of those cult John Waters films, or better yet, a hetero-inclined Bruce LaBruce á la The Revolution is My Boyfriend on communist-laced acid.

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Download Otto Von Schirach’s latest new album Supermeng below: