Out In The Streets’ 2015 Lineup Gives A Big Nod To Latin Indie Bands

Lead Photo: Photo Credit: Yael Malka
Photo Credit: Yael Malka
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The border neighborhood of Ridgewood–known affectionately to some as Quooklyn–hosts a modest DIY music festival called Out In The Streets, running six years strong. We noticed quite a handful of Latin indie bands will be performing. It’s all thanks to partner Supercrush, who brought in a well-curated lineup of talent for the Solo Dame Indie Pop showcases this year at the Latin Alternative Music Conference.

Along with local artists and bands, this year’s festival includes acts like Sunset Images from Mexico, Balancer (with members from Colombia and Puerto Rico), Colombia’s Salt Cathedral, along with other dope groups like Wild Yaks and A Bunch Of Dead People, whose members are Latinx. Check out the full lineup below and be sure to get a weekend pass to check out the entire festival.