NYC Artists Organize Public Perreo Function to Celebrate Ricardo Roselló‘s Resignation

Lead Photo: Photo by Pharaorex. Courtesy of the photographer
Photo by Pharaorex. Courtesy of the photographer
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With governor Ricardo Roselló well on his way out of La Fortaleza after various mass demonstrations that showed the archipelago (and its diaspora across the world) in unity against the embattled politican, the fight for many Puerto Ricans is just beginning. Protests and demonstrations are still underway, as Boricuas conitnue to show their displeasure with the entire administration, and particularly its handling of Hurrican Maria, among many other issues.

But with Rosellós official last day in office this coming Friday, New York City artists Ojos Nebulosos and one of our favorite selectors, DJ Bembona have teamed up for “Perreo en Solidaridad” – a mass perreo function and protest set to take place at City Hall Park on Friday at 5:00pm in order to “shine a light on the power and solidarity of the Boricua diaspora while at the same time representing and highlighting the under-acknowledged role of AfroBoricua women’s leadership during these weeks of protest,” according to a release.

In addition to serving as a celebration of Rosellós resignation, the event will also help deconstruct myths around perreo, and will “showcase freedom, underscore Borikén’s direct connection to its Black ancestral lineage, to obliterate any machista reputation around perreo, and demonstrate the ability to use this artistic expression to take back power and lead social movements for freedom and decolonization,” according to the press release.

New York Boricua Resistance – who is also helping to organize the event – will also be taking donations for Haus of Resistance – a collective which helps LGBTQ+ folks who have been kicked out of their homes due to increased attention and visibility from the recent demonstrations.

Hasta el Suelo Pa’ Puerto Rico will take place Friday August 2nd at 5 p.m. at City Hall Park.