Last week, Ozuna found himself at the center of música urbana’s biggest controversy. On Tuesday, the 26-year-old reggaetonero confirmed that he was blackmailed by late Puerto Rican rapper Kevin Fret over an underage sex tape, after rumors that a version of the tape featuring two other men made the rounds on social media. The rumors spiraled into speculations about Ozuna’s potential involvement in Fret’s murder, but on Tuesday, Antonio Sagardía, the Aura singer’s lawyer, told the Puerto Rican press that the rumors are pure speculation. “One thing is blackmail and another is murder,” said to in a video reposted by urbano outlet Rapetón. “Ozuna had nothing to do with this death. The police should clarify the case that they’re investigating so that people don’t speculate,” Sargardía continued.

Even though Ozuna released an official statement through his manager Vicente Saavedra last week, in which he apologized for the video and called it an “error of the past,” Ozuna addressed the scandal once again during his performance at Calibash Las Vegas on Saturday, January 26.

“I apologize to each of you for mistakes I made in the past; I apologize to children, the elderly, and people who were offended,” he said from the T-Mobile arena in Vegas. “Your past does not define your future, you decide your future decide from today,” he continued.

Several fans have stated that Ozuna has nothing to apologize for, given his age at the time of filming (Sagardía told press that he was 16 at the time, which would qualify the video as child pornography, and precludes the artist’s ability to have given his consent to appear). Others have pointed out that he has no need to apologize for his private life, especially before he became famous.

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