It’s always fun to think about what everyone’s most used emojis are. Personally, I’m an advocate for the multifunctional one that looks like it just got a palazo and/or is in love. You know the one. For Natti Natasha it’s the Dominican flag, for Sech it’s the osito, for Manuel Turizo it’s the DNA symbol, and for Ozuna… well, his is coming soon.

The Puerto Rican reggaetonero has been teasing his upcoming album since November 2018, following the release of “Luz Apaga.” Since then, he’s dropped at least six songs we can predict will be included, including the emotional piano ballad “Amor Genuino.” Nibiru, named after a mythical planet some refer to as Planet X or Planet Nine, feels like a person I know way too much about without having yet met. This slow-drip rollout leaves me conflicted on what’s more anxiety-provoking, a surprise Christmas Eve drop, or one I’ve known about since then but seemingly will never come.

But, a couple of now-deleted teasers give me hope that its release really is coming soon.

The wait is over. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Baila Baila Baila
  2.  ?
  3. Luz Apaga
  4.  ?
  5.  ?
  6.  ?
  7. Amor Genuino
  8.  ?
  9. Te Soñé De Nuevo
  10.  ?
  11.  Baila, Baila, Baila (Remix, the good one)
  12.  ?
  13. Muito Calor
  14.  ?
  15.  ?
  16. A palo, featuring Sech
  17. Llegó La Navidad (from last year, for this year)

Let’s take a guess à la Price is Right. When do you think “el negrito de los ojos claros” is going to finally drop his junior studio album?