As you know based on your DMs, cuffing season is in full swing. The plot twist this go-around the sun is that it seems a few urbano gents are taking the term at face value. Karol G’s fiancée confirmed their upcoming royal wedding, Dalex está bastante enamorado, and Ozuna (the 27-year-old reggaetonero who speaks a mile a minute) is now engaged. No, he wasn’t already married.

The Nibiru singer shared the news with Instagram followers on Sunday via Instagram TV. The proposal itself was a seemingly semi-private ordeal. Taina Marie Meléndez, his girlfriend of eight years and mother of their two young children, now sports a shiny boulder on her ring finger that is impossible to miss. Meléndez has stayed in the public eye with the artist for the entirety of his career thus far.

”I haven’t been easy [to deal with],” Ozuna admitted in a post-proposal toast in which he referred to her as his esposa throughout. “There have been highs and lows, but always firm with my family, working for them… The most special thing a family can have is marriage. I wanted to get married a long time ago, but I was waiting for a special moment,” he said.

The onset of a new year and decade is prime time for reflection and a bit of re-prioritizing. “It’s not about fame,” he told Remezcla earnestly at the tail end of last year, “it’s about enjoying every moment – family, your loved ones. In both our conversation at the end of last year, and just about every other discussion on record in 2019, Ozuna sought to establish himself as a family man above all else.

“Esto es lo más importante en la vida,” Ozuna said in a follow-up video in which he addressed negative commentary from fans following the news. “This is the most important part of life… Family. So, for all you young folks – consecrate your families. Take care of them.”