Free Download: Pacheko's "Lowriders Mixtape 013"

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Look beyond the caricature of Hugo Chavez in mainstream news and you’ll find that Venezuela has much to offer the culturally inclined. To wit, meet producer/DJ Pacheko from Caracas.

The self-professed basshead just dropped his solo EP Kosmicare on Shockout/Tigerbeat and the cats at Lowriders Collective helped him celebrate by (what else?) inviting him to create a special mix just for them.

Pacheko’s hour-long mix is an incredible set built around bits of UK house, Miami bass (a nod to his former group Todosantos), favela funk, and merengue. It begins innocently enough with some laidback jazz that sneaks a wallop of bass around the 1:30 mark. Before you know it, there’ll be a dance party in your office and your boss won’t even care because he’ll be too busy remixing a Pacheko track on his iPad.

Stream/download Pacheko’s party-to-go HERE. Check out this video from his Kosmicare EP below.

Pacheko: Kosmicare EP (minimix) from Pacheko on Vimeo.