Free Downloads: Panamérika No.200 ‘¡No contabas con mi astucia!’

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Panamérika, the site that brings ya some of the most exciting sounds of Latin America — we’re big fans here at Remezcla — just turned 4 years old and reached their #200 radio program. Coincidentally on this four year anniversary, it happens during one of them most distressing events of Mexico. That’s right… the elections.

As a way to celebrate bday & #200 radio show, and to take into account another unrighteous electoral win/ national media lies/ discrepancies occurring throughout Mexico (click HERE to read more info), Panamérika curates a balsy #YoSoy132-centric, “chinga tu madre” playlist that features many of the artists who are heavily involved in this movement with #MúsicosConYoSoy132 such as Camilo Lara of Mexican Institute of Sounds, Carla Morrison, Robota, as well as non-Mexican politically outspoken artists like Ana Tijoux and Frente Cumbiero.

The common theme for all artists is that they narrate experiences chronicling life in Latin America today. Despite the extremely disappointing electoral win, resistance continues as the YoSoy132 and MúsicosConYoSoy132 movements carry on spreading awareness by exposing these cracks and frauds with mass mobilizations and artistic/creative ways.

Panamérika’s ¡No contabas con mi astucia! features a total of 14 songs, all FREE during the month of July. So download this compilation now below and join the solidarity.