Me estás oyendo? Paquita la del Barrio is officially out of the hospital after being admitted for ongoing chest pains last Friday. Her sudden illness unfortunately caused the first show cancellation of her career, but after spending six days in the hospital, Paquita la del Barrio should be back on the tour circuit in no time.

The 72-year-old Ranchera was released Wednesday, and she eagerly posted all about her treatment and exit on Instagram. “As I continue to recover at the hospital, I am thankful to each of the nurses and doctors who have treated me,” she wrote in a post early Wednesday morning. She also took the time to thank fans for their continued love and well wishes throughout her recovery. And after being discharged, she posted an official letter to her page to seal the ordeal.

According to her representative, Francisco Torres Lozada, the Mexican singer ended up being treated for a lung problem – tests showed that instead of a heart attack as expected, Paquita suffered a pulmonary embolism which likely caused the additional diagnosis of pneumonia. While serious, Paquita responded to treatment quickly and will continue to recover with blood thinners and “oxygen at home.”

Lozada also confirmed that Paquita la del Barrio plans to resume performing as soon as next week, with a private show already scheduled in Mexico City. As for Saturday’s cancelled show in Matamoros, fans can expect it to be rescheduled soon. Well wishes for a speedy recovery to la reina ranchera!