Free Download: Pau y Amigos' "El Bar de Peter Pan"

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At first listen, “El Bar de Peter Pan” seems like a song for little kids, but soon after you realize there’s so much more going on. Mexican electro-pop trio Pau y Amigos drops the second single from their brand new debut, also titled El Bar De Peter Pan, and that, my dear friends, is a bar that has no last call, because it never closes, because it’s in Neverland. Oh, and they don’t bother asking for ID at the door, because as you very well know, people never turn 21 in Neverland. But that doesn’t mean the bar is all PG, there are folks blacking out and bar brawls with flying bottles of jerez.

If this is your kind of bar, then make sure to check out Pau y Amigos’ digitally released album (off Noiselab), available now. There are collaborations and guest productions by pretty much all the luminaries of the Mexican underground electro scene, including Sonido Lasser Drakar, Bufi, Almeyda, and Disco Ruido.

PS: Remezcla does not endorse underage drinking (even though we all may have experienced it at some point).

Download the barely legal “El Bar de Peter Pan,” the title track off Pau y Amigos’ debut album.