PBS has it bad for Ozomatli

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Early this year, PBS debuted an awesome show called “Sound Tracks: Music Without Borders.” For those not in the know, the show takes a look at music from around the world across different genres in multiple segments.

So, just what the hell does this have to do with the genre-bending Ozomatli? “Sound Tracks” just announced on their Facebook page that they will be doing a segment on Ozomatli this month. Plus, one of their crew members filmed an Ozomatli concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco a couple of days ago. So far, info on the segment is scarce, but if “Sound Tracks” is on the case, then the end product will be nothing less than a treat.

The show also plans on doing a story about hip-hop in Cuba, or at least that’s what their Web site says.

For those ready to see Ozomatli in person, they will be performing at Club Nokia on the 18th. As for their PBS segment, very little else has been mentioned so stay tuned, literally.