Cinco de mayo Free EP: Pedro Infame – Música Chingona

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Are you planning to celebrate 5 de mayo this upcoming Saturday but you’re not really Mexican and makes you feel like a sort of cultural appropriator? Here at Remezcla we look after your Mexi-cred and we have a solution for you. You can either read this long article about true historical facts behind the real reason Mexicans commemorate that date (or they don’t). Or you can simply give no fuck about it and drink Tecate (double points if you pronounce it ti-kate, ironically) until you black out and lose your paper-mâché sombrero in a moshpit while you listen to this Música Chingona.

You see, Pedro Infame is not a real Mexican either. He was born in Venezuela and moved to Mexico a few years ago where he’d later join the DJ/producers collective/netlabel Tropic-All. Since then, he had been absorbing the kitschness of Mexican pop-culture in high unadulterated doses and mashing it up with his trademark macho-core agressive raver sound, mix of dubstep, drum-n-bass and… death metal (?).

Pedro Infame doesn’t make music to please the critics, he doesn’t follow any particular trend, he doesn’t care if what he does is cool or not. There’re no signs of pretentiousness or snobbism to be found in his work. And that works out great in his peculiar appropriation of Mexicanism (just listen to the title track of this EP). So, if you’re not really Mexican, but you wanna join the bar-hopping celebrations this Saturday and you don’t give a fuck about being politically correct, I strongly suggest you download Música Chingona now. You wont hear anything more Mexican than this at any of the gringo bars that hang Mexican flags and papel picado on their walls once a year to cash in on this fake-ass holiday.

Pedro Infame – Música Chingona by Tropic-All

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