Free Download: Pepe Mogt – "Salvage Doll"

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A serene, tender, and melancholic 1.25 min piece of dream-like music. Something you would not normally expect from Tijuana’s Nortec Collective pioneer, Fussible, the alias of Pepe Mogt. Worldly known for mixing norteño and banda sinaloense with electronic beats, Pepe ventures on a completely new project and announces an upcoming, debut mini clip Salvage Doll (currently in production) with this lovely featured audio sample; downloadable for free, like most of his tracks on his soundcloud site.

The concept of “Salvage Doll” is still pretty mysterious; we don’t really have a clue on what the clip will be about other than this ‘muñeca salvaje’ will experience death right on the 1.03 minute mark of the soundtrack (info gathered in Pepe’s soundcloud comment). For now, I’ll only speculate if this victim doll is perhaps a product of border-regulation atrocities — like much of his border-themed music — or simply a poetic piece of a tortured puppet. We just don’t know. So I suggest to keep your eyeballs pealed on Pepe Mogt‘s upcoming short clip; he promises more info soon. I don’t know about you (yup, still clueless), but I’m definitely eager to find out what this will be about!