Video: Pernett – "Cumbia Computer"

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When it comes to the Do It Yourself philosophy, Colombia’s Humberto Pernett is not one to take things lightly. He does it pretty much all himself. Take this new song for example. He wrote it, of course, then he recorded the vocals and most of the percussion instruments and keyboards, and then he did all the programming and studio production in his own home studio. As if that wasn’t enough, he then did this video, yes, he actually did all the animations and judging by the angle of these images, we can assume he shoot many of them himself with his laptop’s webcam!

Cumbia Computer” (sounds a lot more cumbia than computer, to be honest) is the first self-released single of Pernett’s upcoming album Caribbean Computer, and an ode to his homeland in Northern Colombia. It’s the third full-length solo exploration into future cumbia by one of the pioneers of the whole ñu-cumbia thing (remember Sidestepper?) coming out from the birthplace of cumbia itself.

[insert-video youtube=BPGk5I5_Mco]