Free Download: Pernett – "Cumbia Computer (Zeb's Reggae Remix)"

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So, Colombia’s Pernett made a cumbia on his computer and named it “Cumbia Computer.” He even made a do-it-yourself video for it, remember? OK, that was three months ago, now the track is finally available for download on , released in the US by Nickodemus‘ own label Wonderwheel Recordings.

The track is part of an EP featuring a series of remixes by no other than Nickodemus himself and DJ Zeb (both of whom, by the way have own full length released dropping this month), taking Pernett’s characteristic ñu-cumbia sound into very different directions (reggae, electro, funk…) and making it irresistible for the the eclectic dancefloors of the world.

Here’s one of the remixes free, exclusively for Remezcla‘s readers. And while we keep waiting for Pernett‘s third album, make sure to check out the other six tracks on this release.

Pernett – Cumbia Computer (Zeb’s Reggae Remix)

Stream Pernett’s EP Cumbia Computer (Nickodemus & Zeb Remixes) HERE & download below: