Free Download: Pernett – "El Retorno De Los Mayas Galácticos"

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So the world hasn’t ended, yet. There was no magic planetary alignment or asteroid rain and I still have to go to work today. Oh well…

It wasn’t the end of the world, it was just the end of a cycle, some will argue and hope for a new era of harmonious universal coexistence, or some hippie shit like that. It was just a meme, the skeptics will fire back, a hoax.

Whatever dudes, I still want my Mayan rapture! Get me some galactic Mayan voyagers to come back down to earth in their flying pyramid-shaped mothership and kick-start a revolution, a world-wide orgy or something. I still believe the guy with the crazy hair and the spray-on tan on the History Channel was right, I mean, look at him, how can you not trust him?

Anyway, Pernett is probably with me on this. He made this trippy song to welcome the second coming of the extraterrestrial Mayans, included in his latest album The Caribbean Computer, and just for today, celebrating the winter solstice of the northern hemisphere he’s giving it away as a free download.

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