Pitbull is Going to Kodiak, and He's Made a Video About It

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Twitter: @BarbotRobot

Well, it’s official. We reported before that there was an online effort to turn a Wal-Mart contest – wherein fistpump-made-flesh Pitbull would perform at the Wal-Mart store with the most Facebook likes – into a frozen exile for Mr. 305. The effort was successful, and Wal-Mart, showing greater cojones than most corporate interests do when the internet turns their contests into hilarity, is going through with it. If this video is any indication, he’s not really pleased with it.

Hilarious. I hope David Thorpe goes to Alaska to see his handy-work. And I hope Pitbull beats his ass.


According to this piece Remezcla Content Manager Andrea Gompf found on Buzzfeed, Alaska’s experiencing a heatwave. Coincidence? Can’t be.