Halloween Video Première: Plastic Caramelo – "Diablo"

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Remember when Plastic Caramelo dropped that smashing single a few years ago? If not, don’t worry, we’ll refresh your memory. I remember how they blew our minds with their highly erotic glampeta debut back in the Myspace days. So I ask: have I been missing out on something huge? Or have they been hiding all these years during the Colombian boom sparked by Bomba Estéreo? We don’t really know, but we’re happy to see Plastic Caramelo is still putting out new electrochampeta-based stuff and keeping things as sexually charged as usual (yay, titties!).

Their new video “Diablo” is all about voodoo, Santería, and a pimped-out diablo (who you may recall as the Latino Ink Master aka Lalo Yunda) that’s threatening to come and take the chick with the star-shaped pasties and the creepy contact lenses. It’s like a mix between a convoluted wet dream and a nightmare. But don’t you worry, you’re not going to fall asleep anytime soon, the contagious up-tempo beat will keep you busy on the dancefloor way past your bedtime.

[insert-video youtube=w_pi7JWb7nA]