Playlist: Elastic Bond's Guiltiest Pleasures

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Twitter: @danieluh

When I first heard the Miami-based group Elastic Bond, I was instantly a fan of their tropical-surf vibes, along with singer Sofy Encanto’s smooth voice that glides along every track– a little bossa nova, a little electro-funk and a whole lot of soul in between. It’s obvious that Elastic Bond was inspired by a wide range of sounds and genres, so we asked them to give us 11 guilty pleasure songs that they’d love to cover in the future. As expected, members Sofy Encanto, Andres Ponce and Buffalo Brown delivered an eclectic playlist, including songs from Hombres G, Flans, Phil Collins, Technotronic and Keith Sweat.

“This guilty pleasure playlist reflects some of the sounds we grew up with in the eighties and early nineties, or music that our parents played for us. It’s funny to see how production and sounds that were considered ‘cutting edge’ back then, have aged and sound a little cheesy now-” they said. “Regardless of the questionable production choices, these are still great songs to share with your lover, especially if you both have mullet haircuts.” We can get down with some business in front, party in the back.

If you like what you hear, Elastic Bond will be performing in Miami tonight as part of Noches Culturales hosted by Pili Montilla of Té Para Tres. To celebrate the launch their Caramel Flan Latte, you can come out to the Starbucks at 2501 SW 87th Avenue to enjoy free samples and dance!