Poliedro & Un Mono Azul on an "Impossible Journey"

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I’m on a little working vacation in the Yucatan, enjoying the hostel pool (yeah I know, who’s ever heard of a hostel having a pool?) just trying to escape the rush and smog of DF. Amidst, jungle ruins and long bus rides past turkeys and roaster small towns, I’ve started to unwind and finally feel like life is just one epic, though less dramatic, journey from nowhere to nothing. As nihilistic as that may seem, it’s quite calming to know that, well all in all, your freelance deadlines and money troubles really add up to nothing so long as you have a bed to sleep on and your “daily bread.” The music of the trucks rushing past your room and the anguishing lust you may feel for your British bunk mate aside, life couldn’t get any better.

On this aptly timed release “Impossible Journey” some of Lat Am’s finest, make the soudtrack for a perfect Yucatan adventure. Poliedro brings its geometric style, combined with Un Mono Azul‘s Argentine DJ/producer swag on a chill-set guitar strumming, dirt road winding track. Like a dip in the pool, these cool watered melodies and the overcast beat drizzle over your ears. Despite hurricane threats on the coast and the gymnastic theatrics of the Merida police (I really saw the cops here all piling up on motorcycles in a three level human pyramid, practicing circles around this monument in Plaza “Mejorada”), Poliedro & Un Mono Azul will cast clouds of sonic rain on your easy day. Enjoy the song and don’t forget to take the time to just sit and look at the sky today, please.

Poliedro & Un Mono Azul – Impossible Journey by UN MONO AZUL