In This Video, Prayers Calls Fans to Action for Upcoming Day Without Immigrants Protest

Lead Photo: Rafael Reyes and Dave Parley, Photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez
Rafael Reyes and Dave Parley, Photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez
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Life for immigrants in the U.S. has never been easy, yet the hostile climate cultivated by Trump has anti-immigrant sentiment reaching new heights. Executive orders targeting Muslims and other immigrants have poured out of The White House, and fascist sympathizers have been emboldened by the climate of fear. The message is clear, and it’s a resounding: “You’re not welcome here.”

To combat this political situation, the immigrant advocacy group Cosecha has scheduled A Day Without Immigrants boycott on May 1, to coincide with International Workers’ Day. The protest aims to demonstrate the importance of immigrant contributions in the U.S., since many hold jobs that are crucial to the everyday function of American society. While this is the second boycott of its kind, the Day Without Immigrants demonstration that took place in February was not organized by Cosecha. The previous boycott drew criticism, as many immigrants in dire economic circumstances are unable to request time off to protest – highlighting the fact that for many, protest is a privilege.

Cosecha teamed up with Leafer Seyer of cholo goth duo Prayers to build anticipation for the protest. In a short video, Seyer urges people to “stand together” and avoid work, commerce, and school for a day, stressing the importance of unity in resistance. Watch the video below.