PREMIERE: Céu Releases New Single ‘Chega Mais’ From Upcoming Album

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Brazilian singer and songwriter Céu dropped a new single, “Chega Mais,” on October 15 at midnight. The track is from her upcoming sixth studio album Um Gosto de Sol.

Last week, Céu announced the news on social media when she posted a photo of herself behind a wall of smoke. “Little by little, the heart of this new project starts to beat faster,” she wrote.

Céu also credited Brazilian rocker Rita Lee for inspiring the song and called her one of the “great feminist figures…in Brazilian music who always stood up to the boys.”

“She dominated all areas,” Céu said. “She ruled a city of São Paulo in perfect balance, where rock and Brazilian music blended in a complete and perfect amalgam. Rita is a hitmaker and always worked with a lot of freedom, which became essential [and] creative, raw material. I inevitably felt the need to record one of her songs when I approached this album as a performer. It was the right time to do it.”

After announcing the song, Céu posted a photo of a clapperboard, presumably used during the music video production for “Chega Mais.” Joining Céu on the song is percussionist Pupillo, keyboardist Hervé Salters, bassist Lucas Martins, and acoustic guitarist Andreas Kisser.

In 2005, Céu broke into the music industry when she released her self-titled album. Her last album, Apká! was released in 2019 and earned her a Latin Grammy for Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album. Céu also won Latin Grammys in 2016 for Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop.

Check out the music video here.