PREMIERE: Cyn Santana Shows Sensuality & Inclusivity On ‘Gimme Light’

Lead Photo: Photo by Basilio Silva.
Photo by Basilio Silva.
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The Dominican-Salvadoran artist Cyn Santana is quickly making a name for herself as one of the empowering, up-and-coming Latinas in the music scene. With “Gimme Light,” exclusively premiering on Remezcla today (May 19), the Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member delivers another testament to this while proving she’s one of the most exciting emerging artists to pay attention to this year.

“I’ve always been someone who encourages others to do what makes them happy and be who they are loudly,” Santana tells Remezcla about the music video’s concept via a written statement. “The truth is there is not one woman. There are many different kinds of women. Women are one of the most beautiful, most powerful, and most fascinating existing-beings in this entire universe, and it’s so important for me to show that the woman comes in different forms.”

With “Gimme Light,” she executes exactly that: the empowerment of being bold and sensual in any physical form. In the Jonathan Hernández-directed video, we first see a typical girls’ night out at a nightclub. In a separate frame, we then see Santana as the boss she is, captivating the camera’s attention by singing, “Papi yo estoy buena, what you wanna do? / Que culpa tengo yo por estar tan buena?” This instantly sets the no-fucks-given attitude carried throughout the entire music video shot in the Dominican Republic. We then see clips of her in glow-in-the-dark attire, sporting a spotted bodysuit with bright makeup that winks at the “Gimme Light” theme.

In a closing car scene, Santana takes the video’s concept of powerful femininity further by notably illustrating how diverse her all-women crew is. During this clip filmed in front of a fire, she shows women of all different sizes dancing and enjoying the female-anthem that is all about having a good time with your loved ones.

“My goal is to deeply inspire women and encourage them to tap into their strength, their fearlessness, and sexiness. If even just one woman sees some representation in one of my projects and feels seen, that’s enough for me,” she says. And she did just that – all while creating a bop to go with it. 

With “Gimme Light,” it’s clear that Santana has a lot to express in both her lyrics and videos. If this is an indicator of what’s to come, we can’t wait to see how her musical career unfolds.

Watch the premiere of “Gimme Light” below.