PREMIERE: Gigolo y La Exce Team Up With Eladio Carrión on ‘Nuevo’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Imagine It Media.
Courtesy of Imagine It Media.
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The Puerto Rican trap duo Gigolo y La Exce has teamed up with rapper Eladio Carrión for their new track “Nuevo,” off their highly-anticipated debut album Las II Torres. In this exclusive music premiere on Remezcla, we are given a taste of what’s to come on the full project, which will be released in the next few months. 

In the exciting “Nuevo” music video, directed by Joel de Leon “JD,” we are transported to a Grand Theft Auto-like scene, where we instantly see Ferraris, buchonas, stacks of money, and alcohol. We are taken to a lowkey garage scene where the featured artists are talking and negotiating their cash earnings with an opposite party. During the entire music video, each party is constantly counting money, jewelry, and diamonds – making sure all is accounted for — while the rappers’ lyrics touch upon different themes like loyalty from friends and romantic relationships. 

“For the video, we wanted to do something that would relate to the lyrics but did not have to do with drugs. We came up with the idea of cryptocurrency, which is something real that is seen a lot nowadays. They say the transactions cannot be traced, so we went with that idea with the director of the video. We did something from the streets but at another level,” Gigolo y La Exce told Remezcla about the music video’s origin through a written statement.

On “Nuevo,” Gigolo y La Exce’s rapping tones complement each other, with each lending the other its proper spotlight without overstepping their unique flow. Their distinct voices paired with Carrión’s freestyle flow only take the single to a more hype level – executed naturally between each individual’s verses.

“Eladio wrote [his verse] so fast that it didn’t give enough time to think of the inspiration. It was as if the words just poured out naturally and were everything they needed to be — and everything we needed to say,” the duo told Remezcla.

Without hesitation, we are highly anticipating what’s to come on Gigolo y La Exce’s first full-length album. Before this, the duo released the heartbreak anthem “Chantaje” featuring Jay Wheeler, which just surpassed 10 million streams via Youtube.

Watch the premiere of “Nuevo” below.