PREMIERE: MAABELLE Gets Intimate in ‘Etiqueta Negra’ Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Gibran Ortega.
Photo by Gibran Ortega.
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MAABELLE is unveiling a new side of her artistry this year. The Mexican actress – better known as Michelle González (Mi Tío and Mi fortuna es amarte) – released her new sensual music video for her sultry pop song “Etiqueta Negra,” premiering exclusively on Remezcla today (Jan. 29). 

“Reconnecting with music has helped me reclaim my power, believe in myself, and recognize myself as the complete artist I am,” MAABELLE tells Remezcla about going from being an actress to a singer.

She continues, “Making music not only means fulfilling my biggest dream and following my passion but also facing those fears and voices that held me back for years – which created many blocks and emotional voids. [Making music is also] being able to heal, grow, and be my best version. I have a purpose and a life mission, and today, I see it clearer than ever.”

“Etiqueta Negra” embodies a sensual, Afrobeat-influenced tinge with an overall ethereal ambiance. The soft beat accompanying her crisp and breathy vocals appropriately fit MAABELLE’s risqué lyrics of being enthralled by a lover. Though the lyrics were inspired by MAABELLE manifesting a “magical and powerful” chemistry for her next relationship, the visuals go further than that. It also captures an underrepresented LGBTQ+ love story and the confidence of feeling comfortable in your skin.

The new music video, directed by Tonatiuh Martínez, explores intimacy and sensuality between two women. Frames show MAABELLE oozing passion towards actress Mara López, who helps her depict a sweet, queer love and loss story on screen. Throughout the scenes, we follow MABELLE’s devoted story of loving someone until they, sadly, move on to the next life. As a creator, she says it’s “fundamental” for her to use her platform and voice “to make visible topics that sadly are still taboo,” referring to why she chose a woman to be her partner.

Not only is she using her musical platform to break stigmas, but she’s also using it as a way to build self-confidence. “For years, my enemy was my body, because I couldn’t deal with the attention and the looks,” she shares about feeling comfortable in her skin. “[Now], I have learned to make peace with what people see of me, what I see in myself, and what I really am.”

Up next, MAABELLE is preparing 2024 to be all about her new music era. For this chapter, she’s being hands-on, learning as she goes as an independent artist – from composing her songs and managing her project to being her own creative director. 

Check out the new music video for “Etiqueta Negra” below.