PREMIERE: Matt Hunter Opens Up About Heartbreak On ‘Juro Que’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Imagine It Media.
Courtesy of Imagine It Media.
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Some of the greatest breakup anthems of all time have been the largest productions—tracks filled with soaring vocals and complicated chords, where the singer usually takes on the role of the heartbroken lover. Acclaimed artist on the rise Matt Hunter spins this trend on its head, putting simplicity at the forefront of recounting pain. 

Premiering on Remezcla, Hunter masters the breakup song formula with his newest track by breaking it down into a euphony of relaxed tones. “Juro Que” is a stripped-back, acoustic guitar-led song filled with longing. The key to “Juro Que” is in its simplicity—Hunter’s voice isn’t hidden by layers of instrumentals but front and center, as if an instrument itself.

As the soft, yet powerful strumming pairs with the harmonies of Hunter’s voice, as he sings “Juro que puedo olvidarte, juro que no va afectar me, créame estoy mejor sin ti.” The song itself draws inspiration from Hunter’s personal life, which he tells Remezcla through email, I was going through a really rough break up and wanted to capture what I was feeling at the moment.

The accompanying music video sees Hunter, forlorn and wistful, wandering through a desert road. On making the video, Hunter says: “The video was shot in Las Vegas, it was 110 degrees outside. I was dying, but I had a great time!” Clad in a neutral-toned outfit, looking stylishly disheveled despite his heat, we flash between Hunter walk and memories with his ex-lover, from morning caresses to longing stares, to the moment when they both knew the relationship wasn’t working—showing the emotions Hunter was going through at the time of writing the track. 

There is also an empty painting frame placed in the sand, a shot that all at once symbolizes the relationship: a masterpiece taken out of the frame and lost to the whims of the sands of time. With “Juro Que,” Hunter works his way out of the lost time and finds power in the softness of forgetting.