PREMIERE: Nohemy Enlists ROBI For “Te Vas” Remix

Lead Photo: Photo by KIDDCAMARA.
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It’s one thing when artists collaborate, but it’s a completely different one when they actually vibe with one another. Such is the case of the two emerging boricua artists Nohemy and ROBI. Following their collaboration “Avísame” earlier this year, the duo teamed up again for their newest track, “Te Vas (Remix),” a new version that Remezcla is exclusively premiering today (Dec. 19).

“‘Te Vas’ is a remix from a song that my producer took out last year. I fell so in love with the song and how it identified with the new sound I am releasing,” Nohemy tells Remezcla about the remix. “Throughout the course of the song’s release, Robi and his manager always expressed how it was on their top five most played songs at the end of the year on Spotify. They approached [me], and [the] response after was a no brainer.”

What’s different from the original is that ROBI’s new intro offers a new perspective to the lyrics, which describe a friendship on the verge of becoming something more. Nohemy then jumps in as the melody picks up and dives into the catchy beat we’ve all vibed with since THE CRVV’s originally premiered it in 2021. With ROBI’s je ne sais quoi, the two reinvented and elevated the pop track to paint a bigger picture of what sounds like an upcoming DTR moment.

On what’s special about working with ROBI, Nohemy shares, “Everything is so real when we work [together]. Sometimes as artists, we go to the studio with the thought of a hit, but with Robi, we just do what’s real and how we feel.” Whatsmore is that they have similar music tastes. One of their essential go-to’s is Justin Bieber, who actually influenced their first track together.


Intentando los pasitos con 😂💕 #NOH #ROBI #Avisame #musica #puertorico

♬ Avísame – ROBI & Nohemy

The music video is about a situationship as old as time. It’s set to show two people that have chemistry, yet only one of them has the guts to take it to the next level – perfect to complement ROBI’s fresh verses.

Besides this new remix, Nohemy’s undoubtedly having a moment. Not only did she give us a first taste of her upcoming album with her single “Perdón,” she also recently performed at Vibra Urbana Fest in Miami, FL. Her upcoming album Nohaus is to feature a new side of her musical palette: dance and pop with German influences.

As for ROBI, he’s currently making a name for himself by experimenting with new sounds and collaborators. He recently worked with Joseff on “Contesto o Ignoro” – a track that like “Te Vas” immediately caught his attention. 

Check out “Te Vas (Remix)” below.