Primavera Fest hits Barcelona AND Madrid in the Winter

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If you haven’t heard of San Miguel Primavera Sound, you’ve been annually missing out on one of the most credentialed (street and otherwise) rock’n’roll festivals in the world, bringing over 100,000 music lovers to nestle into beautiful seaside Barcelona since 2000.

Boasting a track record of meshing the legendary with the obscure – from Lou Reed and Neil Young to Wild Honey and a pre-radio hit Florence and the Machine – Primavera has a careful-yet-boundless aesthetic to its lineups that out-hips US festivals like Coachella. Something for the music snob, the scenester, and true music lover.

In an exciting – and kind of insane-sounding – expansion move, this year, San Miguel Primavera Club, the “Sound” fest’s Winter months addition, will take place in Barcelona AND Madrid, simultaneously, from November 24th-28th. The regular Primavera will commence in 2011 in Barcelona, May 25th-29th, in keeping with past years. The festival has formerly rocked out in both the historic Parc de Fòrum and quaint village Poble Espanyol, and next year, will be split between both sites.

Last year’s roster was lighter on Latin artists (Spain’s Fasenuova and Guadalupe Plata played and will again this year), but the more international attention the festival garners, the more Latin-influenced music and Hispanic artists are projected to perform. U.S. noiserockers Deerhunter have confirmed as headliners for 2011, but Barcelona natives Cornflakes will also play an exclusive “comeback” show. Also playing are psych-funk duo Los Massieras, garage throwback Spaniards Triangulo de Amor Bizarro (who are also confirmed for Primavera Sound in May), and Barcelona’s own Cuchillo. The first batch of all-days tickets has already sold out, and the next, to be released on October 27th, will most likely go like hot tortas.

Check out videos below for Los Massieras and Triangulo de Amor Bizarro.