Help Chile's Protistas make their first studio album!

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Protistas‘ amazing debut album, Nortinas War, was (shockingly) a bedroom effort. It didn’t stop them from making one of the best albums of 2010, though. However, the guys want a more substantial, pro feel for their upcoming album, which we reported is being produced by Astro main man Andrés Nusser, so the band and their label Sello Cazador have turned to donation-hub Kickstarter to raise the funds. They need $3,000 to create studio greatness by April 18th. Psh, chump change, people! So get those Pay Pals and those plastics out, it’s for a good cause. The cause of good music!

Make the boys of Protistas (and us) happy by donating to their sophomore album tip jar, via Kickstarter.

Check out their video for Nortinas War’s title track below.