Video: Protistas – "Granada"

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I’m not sure if I’m reading leftist politics in this one, but certainly identify with this video as a queer-of-color man having survived the turmoils of economic insecurities of youth, and the current traumas of life in and out of the brutalized diaspora. The romantic draw on “Granada” is only tempered by the chilling refrain and reference to violence and healing. Themes all together familiar to this particular street urchin, and perhaps all the more timely with the persistent dismay evoked across the world, with uprising peoples claiming their streets all up ‘n down the world. The classically and perhaps tritely stardust quality to this video claims deceptive naivety. But, the maturity presented in Protistas‘ lead vocalist (and accompanying director) Álvaro Solar make for a pleasant departure form the usual narratives of counter-hegemonic indignation. The song is a pastry-wrapped molotov, and the video a even sweeter explosion. Co-director, Matías Rojas Valencia should be proud to be teaming up with artful lovelies. Curse those Chileans and their incessant coolness.

[insert-video vimeo=37898041]